John Hoyle is the founder of Voice Activated Integration. His journey to find a way to transform human consciousness began intensively at the age of 18 when he embarked on a 12 year immersion in "The Fourth Way" work of G.I. Gurdjieff. From there, he completed a master's program in psychology at Cambridge College and soon began working individually with clients.


Through careful observation and reading about physics, John realized that emotions, like anger or sadness, can either move through the body or get contained by it somehow. He describes his use of his first verbal statement as coming from a place of desperation. He was listening to a client express her unhappiness with regard to the way her husband ignored her when he spontaneously asked her to repeat the words, "There's an energy in my body that needs my husband to ignore me." This statement caused her body to involuntarily shake, and by following her body's lead to subsequent statements, John was able help her connect with and physically release the vibration of a little girl who felt ignored by her family.


Though it was only the beginning, this unexpected event marked the birth of the simple, verbal technique he named Voice Activated Integration or VAI. In 1997, John founded the Institute of Conscious Studies to further explore his observations. John served as director of ICS for six years. During this time, he worked extensively with Elise Hathaway, John Balou, Kim Jordan and others to create a map of human consciousness and a theory of human evolution. 

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