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VAI is a simple, verbal technique that can track any issue to its source. A private session is a fascinating journey into the depths of your own being to resolve the inner conflict that is creating unwanted patterns in your life. Click on the images below for more info.

Kim Jordan
"I will be honored to facilitate the resolution of your inner conflict and the realization of your authentic vision."

Kim Jordan has been a VAI facilitator since 2004 and is co-author of the book on VAI. She has an MA in Human Performance from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MA in Philosophy, Cosmology & Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies.
Christine Rossi
"My passion is to assist others to re-empower themselves and move forward in their authentic life."

Christine was introduced to VAI through the Institute of Conscious Studies and John Hoyle in 2000. She became a certified facilitator in 2003. Since then, she has synthesized her various studies to create a "Heart to Heart Healing" that leads her clients to a deeper understanding of authentic self. She is available by phone or in person in Walnut Creek, Ca. (925)-932-2074
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