Voice Activated Integration - An Experiential Way to Unlock the Unconscious and Free the Body from the Energy of the Past presents a simple, innovative technique that uses verbal statements of perspective as a vehicle to navigate the uncharted space of our inner worlds.


“VAI is a remarkable innovation. By grounding the classical talking cure in bodily systems, organs and responses, it clears the way for surprising breakthroughs in how we relate to our own circumstances and history. John Hoyle is changing the way “therapy” works. I’ve never been in such capable, safe and nourishing hands.”


- Marc Slavin, Political Consultant San Rafael California

“The work is brilliant… it’s not therapy, not philosophy. It literally changes the cellular memory of the body. A practical way for everyone to heal.”  

Stephanie Wolf, CEO, San Rafael, California

“VAI addresses the wounds all of existence – from the most prosaic to the most profound. All of us need to heal, not just in our personal and work relationships, but also with regard to our place in the world and our perception of the divine. VAI is a fascinating way to do this.”  

- Cynthia Mitchell, artist, New York

“With VAI, I have come face to face with many of my carried forebearers and witnessed their “back seat” influence on my conscious beliefs and behaviors. Some were tall shoulders to sit on while others were terribly wounded & reckless. Through active verbalized conversation, I’ve made peace with the “Judge” and the “Victim” as well as other wounded selves. As my spiritual fog lifts, I actually see my own pure essence,… and my living grid connection to literally all things”.  

- Hal Arnest, retired marine, San Anselmo, California

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