Voice Activated Integration is a verbal inquiry method that can be used to engage identities stored in an individual's body consciousness in a direct dialogue. Identities that can be accessed include those the individual formed as she adapted her natural state to the external world and the identities of those individuals she adapted her natural state to.


These transformative conversations can allow for profound liberation from identities and associated belief systems that have been limiting a person's ability to create a fulfilling, harmonious experience. They can shift energetic dynamics that have been locked in the past for years or generations. Ultimately, they can allow an individual to reclaim her natural essence and consciously choose a more natural way of being in the world.


Each Voice Activated Integration conversation is a fascinating journey guided by the individual's somatic or body-based truth, and all it requires is the willingness to look inward for solutions to patterns that appear to be outwardly caused.

Voice Activated Integration is also an effective tool for reconciling polarized identities. As it can be applied archetypally and collectively, it may also be of great interest to those looking for a way to resolve humanity’s history of fear and intolerance of each other as well as our history of living in an unbalanced relationship to the Earth. It's a tool that can be used to create conscious evolution.

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